Monday, January 27, 2014

Long Security Lines at Sochi... Grab the app.

Long Security Lines at Sochi... Grab the app.

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The news is saying security will be nuts once the games begin in February.

This years Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia is going to be a showdown. Unfortunately, I'm not referring to the battles among the athletes in the different events. I'm referring to the terrorist attacks that are already ramping up.

Athletes are starting to get concerned they might be the victim of an attack. Rightfully so, after all, since terrorist groups are threatening them and/or the games altogether.

Scary times.

So anybody planning to go to Sochi for these Games, do be careful and do keep your eyes peeled. Watch for suspicious activity. If you see something questionable, heighten your awareness and consider alerting another (or an authority) to the matter. Use good judgement.

And when you are in a safe place, everything is mellow, and there are no concerns around. Play a game of Tile Spin to exercise your mind. Improve your memory by duplicating Target Patterns.

Watch the video that you can find by following the Tile Spin logo. Start clicking.

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