Friday, January 31, 2014

Carpet Tiles yield Smiles for Miles


“1 tile, 2 tiles, 3 tiles, 4... Spin them to change the design on your floor,” reads the slogan for an unusual collection of carpet tiles. It begs the very simple question... “What?”

As simple as the question, so is the concept behind this innovative flooring. Let’s start with a brief history, then move to the innovation: Carpet tiles have been around for a very long time. We see them in airports, retail stores, offices, and even in the home sometimes. The residential sector for carpet tiles has seen a large boom over the past decade thanks to the progress made by a company called FLOR. As for the commercial carpet sector, we find companies like Milliken, Mohawk, Shaw, and other major manufacturers that have been producing and distributing large-format (1 square meter) carpet tiles globally for a longer period of time.

Many of these carpet tiles require glue or other form of adhesive to keep the tiles stationary on the floor. This method is not only time-consuming and messy, but is not an environmentally friendly approach. Alternatively, Stay-Tac, a proprietary carpet tile assembly method by Joy Carpets, is a green approach that requires no glue or special equipment. Each carpet tile is manufactured with a tacky coating that keeps the tiles in place on the floor, preventing them from sliding around. This feature is key for heavy traffic areas where some tiles are walked on more frequently than others, allowing tiles to be swapped to accommodate a more uniform wear... like rotating tires on your car during a tune-up.

This is where a small design company called Binvetec comes into the picture. Armed only with a design concept outlined in a 3-ring binder, founder Edward Borlenghi approached Joy Carpets at the Surfaces trade show in Las Vegas in the early 2000’s. Joy’s new installation method was perfectly aligned with Edward’s “rotating carpet tile” designs. Let’s now revisit that simple question: “What?”

Imagine a tile with a particular design on it. Now repeat that tile in rows and columns. You’d expect one repeating pattern, right? Wrong. Not with these tiles. A unique proprietary design on the tiles allow for many different patterns to be created by merely changing the rotation of the tiles during assembly. For example, group four tiles together with particular rotations then repeat the group... a specific pattern emerges. Now change the rotations of the four tiles in the group and repeat that group... a different pattern emerges. There is a vast number of different patterns that can be created by merely altering the number of tiles in the group and each tiles’ orientation.

Let’s now take this one step further. Instead of repeating groups of carpet tiles, what happens if they are assembled randomly, without regard for each tile’s rotation? Something beautiful: A completely non-repetitive and organic flooring composition emerges. Both of the preschool images shown here demonstrate the variety of designs that can be achieved using only one tile design with various rotations.

The tile shown here is called Cocoon, and it’s also available in subtle, less-playful colors. The same is true with the other two tile designs that Binvetec licensed to Joy Carpets: Clockwork and Etruscan.

All three tile styles create unique patterns and geometries, which are best demonstrated at The videos and animations show numerous compositions and flooring applications.

Because these durable carpet tiles are commercial-grade and manufactured for heavy traffic, they are typically not installed in residences. Although, there have been many customers who have purchased them for use in playrooms, bonus rooms, and basement remodels.

Built to last and designed for the masses, offers a breakthrough innovation in floor covering that is simple yet ingenious. Made in America and distributed globally, it won’t be long before you find your feet weaving along the fluid designs of Cocoon.

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