Monday, March 25, 2013

Here comes Etruscan

By changing the rotations of the carpet tiles, different patterns can be created. Shown here using Etruscan, Thunderstorm

Friday, March 15, 2013

Carpet tiles for fashion runways

Considering how some big fashion designers are into the zig-zag motif nowadays, like Missoni, for example, this rendering shows some new possibilities.
And if the model is nervous, she has directional arrows to keep her from falling off the path. You know it's happened before! Here are a few on-runway falls:

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fusing art with fashion, Picasso

Check this one out:
...for a wild look at models that pose in the style of Picasso's Cubism. Beware though, some images may give you a nightmare tonight.
If you're into Pablo, consider adding one of these prints to your artistic collection:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Carpet tiles in the Garage

Because these carpet tiles are easy to clean, and easy to remove for a heavy outdoor hose-down, garage installations are on the list of possibilities.
Here shown using Clockwork, Charcoal.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bang, bang... you're dead.

Bangs are a delicate matter. Once they're cut, there's no undo button. Too short?... you just boarded the douche-train. Going for a new look?... make sure you're not doing it to try to boost your confidence. I once knew a girl who had a great hairdo without bangs. I off-handedly mentioned that she looked kinda like Lois Lane from Superman, and she went and cut her bangs to try to match Lois'... but too short. Not only did she enter Doucheville, but she proved her confidence was at the bottom rung. Poor girl. I'm happy to update, though, that she stuck through it by letting her bangs grow out a bit, which yielded the compliments she thrived on, thereby boosting her confidence, prompting her to strut her stuff just like the good ol' days.
Inspired by:
Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it can't be pulled off, but the bangs need to go with the head they're framing. Here's some guidance:

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Zipper on a Neck Tie???

This is one of the most unusual garments I've ever seen. I have to hand it to the designer though, for absolutely obliterating the metaphorical box of which innovators must think outside. Holy crap, this is something new and different. So, of course I'm forced to consider the timeline of the tie and see where this fits in. Wikipedia tells me that ties originated as a method to distinguish specific military personelle, then when the Croats were in France the Parisians found the item appealing, which led to a new fashion craze in Europe. I have to admit, this is far from the assumption that I had made previously, whereby I imagined the tie to be a fashionable way to conceal the buttons of a shirt. Another consideration I had previously was that the tie was a barrier to the shirt, like a guard, so that the sloppy eater or wine drinker has a built-in napkin. This way, if he makes a mess he can remove the tie for another chance at congeniality with a distinguished, stain-free guest. This zipper tie now creates an all-new way for the late-night black-tie partier to loosen up... no longer does he loosen his tie and roll up his sleeves, instead his gesture is a somewhat inferior "zip" down, which may be trouble if he's really drunk, because his brain might loosely associate the motion with unzipping his pants, and he may find himself in need of new underwear.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Who said rugs need to be flat?

I'm not sure how this product ships, but once it's in place, it's gotta be fun. You know kids would love rolling down the corner, and if Dad's a golfer... I'm sure he'd get creative. The days of laying on the rug with an arm propping up your head, inevitably leading to pins and needles or a sore neck, are finally over. Hopefully a pillow purchase is in your budget too!

Santa Fe Vernacular

Dig the Santa Fe style:
When I visited New Mexico a couple summers ago, I was struck by the consistency in the design vernacular. From the architecture, to the furniture, to the art, and the jewelry, there are common design traits that come across clearly.  This culture is also evident during the plaza vendor gatherings, where pulling into an ice cream shop to get out of the summer heat is welcomed requirement.

Price comparison with FLOR

"Let's do a little price-check comparison... When I look at the price per square foot of FLOR's carpet squares of this style:
(which happens to be one of their less expensive styles), I notice the price per square foot is $5.21"

"Then, when I look at the price per square foot of our design that has similar geometric traits:, yet does A LOT more too, I find it to be $4.11, and our shipping is FREE, while FLOR's isn't."

"So if you're looking for a cool design and don't want to pay a premium, consider buying from us."