Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bang, bang... you're dead.

Bangs are a delicate matter. Once they're cut, there's no undo button. Too short?... you just boarded the douche-train. Going for a new look?... make sure you're not doing it to try to boost your confidence. I once knew a girl who had a great hairdo without bangs. I off-handedly mentioned that she looked kinda like Lois Lane from Superman, and she went and cut her bangs to try to match Lois'... but too short. Not only did she enter Doucheville, but she proved her confidence was at the bottom rung. Poor girl. I'm happy to update, though, that she stuck through it by letting her bangs grow out a bit, which yielded the compliments she thrived on, thereby boosting her confidence, prompting her to strut her stuff just like the good ol' days.
Inspired by:
Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it can't be pulled off, but the bangs need to go with the head they're framing. Here's some guidance:

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