Monday, April 20, 2009

awesome carpet

We installed the carpet tiles in our church's youth building. Installing the tiles was half the fun; they are so easy to put down and you get to create your own design. This flooring really adds some pizzazz to the whole room. I like having the art on the floor; it's classic and subtle. These tiles are also suprisingly durable. We have about 30-40 youth coming in and out of here on a weekly basis and there's no signs of wear.

This product is one of a kind and worth the investment. Many thanks to the designers, creators and salesmen who made this happen.


  1. Nick,

    That's a fantastic photograph. Your kind words are greatly appreciated. I've been working on the concept for many years and it wasn't easy to find a manufacturer that believed in it.

    Not everybody is willing to try a product that is so different from everything else; but everybody that does try is always impressed by what they can do.

    I'm also happy to know they are durable enough for your high-traffic environment. The photo shows that they make for a fun environment.

    Best wishes -

  2. Thanks for adding more images, Nick. They look great.

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  4. Hey Nick,

    I like to have similar art on my pay house's floor. It gave me confidence that this type of carpet floor is available. Now let me search for the manufacturer and funalise this flooring .

    - Morbi

  5. Ceramic tile is bonded to the base flooring using low-toxicity thin set.

  6. Reminder to viewers, these are carpet squares.